(C) Jeremy Hemming, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge at the Tower, London (November 2002)
(C) Jeremy Hemming, press conference for Flora 1000 Mile Challenge at the Tower, London (November 2002)


WELCOME to sharongayter.com !

I hope you find this website useful to keep up to date with my progress and race results and learn more about ultra distance running. I have been an international runner since 1994 and am a member of North York Moors AC.

I have represented my country on at least 25 occasions since 1994 at both 100km and 24 hour events and have won several medals at international level as well as many National Championship titles.

In 2011 I was ranked World Number 1 for 6 days with my British Record for 6 days on the road in Athens. This was a good year; also being the fastest British athlete to run the De Zestig van Texel 120km race in Holland (2 weeks after Athens I might add!). I also ran the world's highest race, The High, and reduced the outright course record by 11 hours. This was definitely the toughest race of my career for extreme races: hot, cold, hilly are easy compared to altitude. My year finished by going nowhere at Teesside University where I ran on the treadmill for 7 days to do some research, raise money for my chosen charities - oh, and break the record for the furthest distance run in a week, 833km. Ok, I did smash it by nearly 50 miles compared to the men's record and over a 100 miles compared to the female record.

I have run over 25,000 miles of racing, over 1200 races, over 300 marathons and over 150 ultras, many of these are abroad and many of these are extreme or unique races. I have completed things like the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge that took nearly 6 weeks to finish, doing just 1 mile every hour for 1000 hours (up and down the London Marathon route 38 times!). I took over 17 hours from the world record running from Land's End to John O'Groats, over 21 hours from the world record running the length of Ireland (Mizen Head to Malin Head) and added over 100 miles to the female world record for 7 days on a treadmill and over 50 miles to the outright (men's) world record. I have run high alpine paths in the Transalpine Race from Germany to Austria, Switzerland and finishing in Italy. I have run the Moravian UItra Marathon, 7 marathons in 7 days. I have run hot races such as Libyan Challenge and Ocean Floor race. I have run stage races such at Grand to Grand Ultra, Fire and Ice, Al Andalus Ultra Trail, Verdon Canyon and Marathon Des Sables. I have run the Badwater Ultramarathon of 135 miles across Death Valley, billed as the hottest race on earth and set the fastest time by any British athlete, male or female. I have run cold races such as Winter Trans-Slovenia in snow and -12C, ran altitudes up to 18,000ft (The High) and around Islands (De Zestig Van Texel), rain in circles on indoor tracks (Bislett) and set multiple world, veteran, and British records.

I have achieved much in my career which had been detailed in my book "The Clock Keeps Ticking", with much detail on my world record LEJOG. This was written on request of the many people that support me and follow my progress and would like to know more. I have already had staggering reports from those that have read it - inspiring, motivating, funny, sad, personal. Many who have read my reports say it feels like there are there an running it with me, so here is my life story, from a chapter on my life as a child, that may well have driven me to want to inflict pain on myself, to my humble beginnings as a marathon runner, my quest to run further into the unknown, from a bus driver to a university lecturer, from a fun runner to a world record holder and Commonwealth Champion and more. You won't have read anything like this in your life, but then that is why, because it is my life, lived the way I chose to live it. You can purchase my book from this website – personally signed!

I am a frequent racer, in 2011 I raced 2117 miles during 87 races, that averages 40 miles of racing per week, training will be far more! There are many more races I have yet to experience and several more world records I would like to attempt. So do keep watching and supporting and do let me know what you think to my book! (Sharon@sharongayter.com). I am also on Facebook and twitter if you want snippets of what I am up to.


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