Lands End to John O Groats
Lands End to John O Groats

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'EIM' Lands End to John O Groats - World Record Attempt

Sharon with support vehicle

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Media coverage

She's a smasher
Evening Gazette, 20 Sept 2006

Sharon claims world record
By Mike Amos of the Northern Echo, 15 Sept 2006

Sharon's on top of the world
Northern Echo, 16th September 2006

A real close-knit finale for record breaker Sharon
By Mike Amos of the Northern Echo, 19 Sept 2006

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ITV Tyne Tees interview from 18/09/06

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ITV Tyne Tees interview from 24/08/06
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Evening Gazette 13/09/2006:
Injuries won't stop Sharon
Gutsy Sharon Gayter is still on track to break a world record.

Evening Gazette 09/09/2006:
Record still in sight
A determined runner is taking her bid to smash a world record in her stride.

Evening Gazette 06/09/2006:
Super Sharon on record target
Runner Sharon Gayter was joined by MP David Davies in her record-breaking attempt at running the length ...

Evening Gazette 04/09/2006:
On her marks - First leg of record run under way
A Teesside woman today set off on her record-breaking attempt to run from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Evening Gazette 02/09/2006:
Runner in bid to set record
A Teesside action woman goes under starter's orders tomorrow when she begins a bid to smash a world ...

Evening Gazette 17/08/2006:
Sharon's world record bid to run length of the country in...12 days

Northern Echo 18/08/2006:
More than just a marathon run

Record and dates

Current record is held by Sandra Brown 13 days, 10 hours 1 minute in 1995.

My plan is to start at 7am on 3rd Sept 2006 and aim to break 12 days by running between 65 and 85 miles per day. I will start the remaining days at 6am as darkness is setting in earlier than expected, will then be able to run third block in daylight and only have last block in darkness.

Planned run

The plan is to run in 4 blocks of 4 hours per day as follows:

  • 06:00 run until 10:00
  • 10:00 break for 1 hour
  • 11:00 run until 15:00
  • 15:00 break for 1 hour
  • 16:00 run until 20:00
  • 20:00 break for 1 hour
  • 21:00 run until 01:00
  • 01:00 sleep until 06:00

In practice on the trial this system worked incredibly well. It is worth noting that after the first day when stiffness sets in I will have to walk the first half an hour to get the legs moving and warmed up and then should be able to run again. On the last section of the day I will walk at least the last half an hour to slow the heart rate down in order to try to sleep. On the very last day of the event it is likely that I will run through the entire night!!

Planned Schedule

Sharon in the support vehicle I have personally done a recce of the entire route and detailed maps of 1:25000 have been compiled with narrative description of the route including parking areas. The roads are easy, the towns/cities will be where the difficulty lies, our trial took us through Edinburgh, which is the biggest city we have to navigate, this went very well but is a big section and the vans are not worth travelling with and will go around the city bypass and cross the Forth Bridge for reconciliation.

The plan is to run with one supporter following me on a bike. Camper van will be close by but not directly following, leapfrogging a couple of miles at a time to avoid being hit from behind, the second camper van will go approximately 15-20 miles ahead (per 4 hour running distance as detailed in planning) with shopping/cooking duties to prepare food for Sharon and entire support crew on taking an hours break.

I will not go ahead of schedule but may fall behind when plans will have to be changed.

Equipment required

  • 2 camper vans, 1 for Sharon and Bill, the second for the support crew, shower and toilet required in camper van.
  • Food for Sharon and support crew.
  • Sharon will wear a fluorescent yellow reflective gillet that can be worn over any kit, three of the four running sessions will be run in daylight, the fourth session will hopefully be quiet due to the time, all crew will be supplied with similar fluorescent yellow reflective gillet to be worn over kit when on cycle.
  • Two bikes, one in case of puncture or problem.
  • Gel seat provided for bike and also bag/basket for drinks to be carried.


The nominated charity is Asthma UK, as I never get through a whole year without dropping out of races due to my asthma. This is a condition that affects 1 in 5 households and 5.2 million people suffer with this condition. All donations will be going to the nominated charity, sponsor forms will be available on my website, money buckets will be carried on the event and various people contacted by Asthma UK will run a block with Sharon. Willie Rennie will be running through his consituency just north of Edinburgh, he is also asthmatic and a runner. You can sponsor Sharon now by going online at:


Although all the money raised by this event will be going to charity (Asthma UK), there are various sponsors that are providing help with the costs of the challenge.

Arki Busson from EIM tailor made hedge funds portfolios (better known as father of Elle MacPherson’s two sons) is covering the biggest expense of hiring the motor-homes with food, fuel and kit adding to the expense.

Mannatech has been an ongoing sponsor of Sharon’s since 2000 supplying nutritional supplements. Sharon will be taking most of the products this company supplies such as the Catalyst (vitamin and mineral supplement), Ambrotose AO (an antioxidant formula to neutralise free radicals and toxins), Ambrotose (to help the immune system), Sport (herbal supplement that aids stiffness), Empact (sports drink) and Glycoslim, which will be the most vital element of this event. This is a milkshake that is a replacement meal, I always use this as a recovery drink after events and during this years World 24 Hours in Taiwan. Eating on the run is extremely difficult, too many sports drinks are too acidic for my stomach, but this is the perfect solution, I will probably drink around 8 portions of this per day.

Asics have provided superb kit and shoes for Sharon to wear, I am a big fan of Asics and wore their shoes in this years World 24 Hours in Taiwan. They have provided two sizes of shoes (Kayano) as my feet will expand during this challenge!!

Ian Williams from this company has already donated boil in the bag foods that we used on the trial and will be used for both myself and the crew on the event. Keeping energy levels up is vital for this challenge and cooking and eating while on the move is a challenge in itself. They do a lot more than just boil in the bag foods to, so take a look at the website.

Lucozade sport have provided sports drinks and energy bars to fuel the crew on their long bike rides as well as Sharon.

Taking a rest on the LEJOG trialGuinness World Records

In order for this record attempt to be recognised there are procedures that have to be followed for verification, part of this involves getting independent people in the street to sign and verify they have seen me at a certain place with time and dates and a very detailed log book must be kept. It is hoped that the mayor of Penzance, Councillor Dennis Axford will start the event and Councillor John Green has the hard task of tracking me to the finish line, which may happen at a very unsocial hour, so my thanks go out to him.


There has been masses of publicity that I am finding hard to keep up to date with, my local Evening Gazette have been hard at work and are hoping to do regular updates during the event. Mike Amos done his usual fantastic report in the Northern Echo and even hopes to be at John O’Groats for the finish.

Heather McWilliam did a superb report on ITV Tyne Tees and will also do a follow up programme. Various other media have been in contact, far too many to detail here and currently ongoing, Tanni Grey-Thompson being a great help here (Tanni and Ian are also hoping to join us on the event at some stage). Vicky Shepherd or Ella Towers will update my website daily, Bill to make contact daily between 20:00 and 21:00.


  • Bill Gayter, invaluable husband.
  • Alan Young, sponsor and supporter of several runners (
  • Ivor Roberts, a great runner and friend of many year.
  • Andy and Ramona Thevenet-Smith, giving up their holidays to help make my dream come true.
  • Dave Nicholson, neighbour of Alan, not sure he knows what he has volunteered for!
  • Murdo McEwan, great ultra-runner to finish the event with.
  • Tony, Ann and Andrew Tansley, who look after my energetic dogs Walnut and Bouncer.
  • Ella Towers and Vicky Shepherd for spending so much time designing and updating my website to keep you all informed of my progress!!
  • Denise, Martin, Matthew and Sarah, who look after my energetic dogs Walnut and Bouncer and give them plenty of cuddles.

Crossing the Forth Road Bridge
Crossing the Forth Road Bridge on the LEJOG Trial

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